Recruiting Experts for Industry
Locating, Screening, and presenting all levels
of qualified industrial and geotechnical personnel



Realistically speaking, you can’t know or do everything. And as a result, you need experts on demand, delivering the goods, machinery, or services necessary to the job. Engineering Firms, Drilling Companies, Geotechnical Laboratories, Equipment Suppliers, Mechanics, Chemical Manufacturers and Plants – just a few examples of the many types of Services and Suppliers critical to Mining and all Geo- related industries. Geopros not only fits into that category – but supports those fellow suppliers with personnel – in the lab or in the field – providing the experts that geo-services and suppliers need.


And when ‘the biggest mining company in the world’ calls the most skilled and dependable Sub-Contractor available, opportunity meets performance – assuming the right personnel are employed. Geopros screens and recruits industry-specific geotechnical experts necessary to the services that are essential to Geo-industry: Engineers, Geologists, Job Site Technicians, Supervisors, and Managers – examples of critical expertise located by Geopros, Inc. for review and potential direct placement.


It is said that any project is only as strong as the people involved – Geopros is the recruiting expert that Geo-services and Suppliers can call if and when a significant gap needs to be filled, or it is time to step up the game with more and better staff. Thus, Mining, Exploration, and various other ‘end-users’ in the supply and demand chain benefit from the placement of qualified personnel – directly and indirectly. And Geopros is dedicated to that particular service for the various industries it supports.


Services and Suppliers provide critical components for the ‘industrial machine’ that is potentially any Geotechnical Program. Geopros is the supplier that Geo-suppliers can and do call.