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Frequently Asked Questions by Employees


As a Job Seeker, do I need to pay for service with Geopros, Inc?

I’m currently working. Can I be sure this is confidential?

Why do you need to speak with my references before I even have an offer?

I’m not involved in the mining industry. Will you still be able to assist me with my search?

What is going on in the industry? How many positions are you working on?

Do you work with ABC Company? What companies are you working with?

I already presented my resume through their website. Can you still represent me?

I need help with my resume. Can you do that?

I haven’t interviewed in many years. Can you give me some pointers?

Will my salary or pay rate be impacted because I found a position through Geopros, Inc?

I forgot or lost my username and password for my profile. How do I retrieve my login information?

Why should I partner with Geopros, Inc. when searching for a new career opportunity?

What should I expect after applying to a Geopros job opening?

Who are Geopros, Inc. clients and what types of candidates do we place?




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