Recruiting Experts for Industry
Locating, Screening, and presenting all levels
of qualified industrial and geotechnical personnel



As an industry-specific recruiter, Geopros in backed up by the established expertise of Geotemps, Inc. – a company that has been providing both temporary and direct placement recruitment services for industry since 1986. As a result, Geopros, Inc. strongly appreciates the significance of an industrial career – to both the industry and the candidate.


As a Geopros applicant seeking employment, confidentiality, professionalism, and a sensitivity to the culture of industry is integral to the recruitment experience. The process involves a qualified screening provided by a networked recruitment professional. The potential result is not just a job, but ‘the right job’ for the kind of industry professional that you are, within the work-place environment and industry culture that you seek. Skilled professionals and students alike gain the conceivable advantage of a range of career-specific opportunities with the assistance of an advocate – as opposed to applying cold, over and over again. And, Geopros, Inc. recruits internationally.




As a service provider to companies who often have an international presence, Geopros promotes professionals while also promoting safe and substance free industries: managing background screening, referring MSHA and OSHA training when necessary, and supporting client safety efforts. Geopros recruitment services include:


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Presenting both post-graduate and experienced professional recruitment opportunities
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Offering ‘contract’ geo-professionals an alternate means of supporting their project clients through the Geopros recruitment service to save time and spare frustration
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Providing valuable career insight and experience through the placement experience