Recruiting Experts for Industry
Locating, Screening, and presenting all levels
of qualified industrial and geotechnical personnel



As a ‘Geo’ recruiter, Geopros specializes in personnel critical to Mining and related industries:
Base Metal, Precious Metal, and Precious Gemstone Mining projects and companies stand to benefit from the recruitment services of Geopros, Inc. through the knowledge and sensitivity that logically comes from a recruiter specializing in geo-industrial personnel. Mine site operators, executive and administrative staff, mining managers and engineers, mine geologists, plant operators and managers, and various other mining-specific specialists involved with the extraction of high-value commodities represent just some of the potential necessary personnel provided by Geopros to a necessary industry.


Aggregate, Rare Earth, and Industrial Mineral extraction processes and programs naturally also seek specialized personnel to successfully provide the materials necessary to construction and manufacturing. Geopros supports those efforts with industry-specific recruitment utilizing tailored recruitment and database technology, saving time and in-house expense through a refined and dedicated service – in contrast to opportunistic ‘head-hunters’ and generic personnel searches scratching the surface for fast and easy ‘pay-dirt’.


Mining Exploration personnel traditionally benefit from industry-specific service providers like Geopros, Inc. – whether at the front end of a start-up J.V. program –at the drilling phase – or even potentially during the downtime. As ventures evolve and skill and task needs change, Geopros assists in finding the right fit candidate to keep the technical staff focused on the project. Geological personnel represent the heart of minerals industry, and Geopros recruits the geologists, geological engineers, and supportive administrative and technical staff that is required to dig in – and get the job done.


‘It All Begins With Mining’ in its various forms and processes – providing the materials necessary to build and sustain the things that simply cannot be grown – as Geopros recruits personnel critical to the extraction and processing of those necessary natural resources.