Recruiting Experts for Industry
Locating, Screening, and presenting all levels
of qualified industrial and geotechnical personnel



Geopros appreciates the people that prevent us from sitting cold and in the dark, or unable to travel, or unable to receive goods and services. But appreciating the ability to flip a light switch runs deeper than convenience for Geopros: from locating Oil and Gas – to Processing and Refining Petroleum – experts critical to industry are ultimately critical to society, and Geopros enjoys the opportunity to provide necessary direct-placement recruitment support: up, mid, or downstream.


A Geothermal exploration program is not unrelated to a precious metals exploration concern – and Geopros understands the need for qualified geotechnical personnel critical to the process of ‘finding hot water’ for energy and direct heating. Other ‘renewable’ energy concerns – some yet to be proven completely viable – add to potential opportunities available to geotechnical professionals supported by Geopros and motivated to direct their careers to on-going and developing geo-technologies.


Also historically critical to fueling energy concerns is Coal – including the various extraction and processing methodologies involved. And as Geopros recruits Mining personnel, Geopros recruits technical, operational, administrative, and management personnel to the coal industry – helping in small part to support an industry that historically supports a society’s ability to function and innovate.


Energy specific industries help keep things running and on time for today, and for tomorrow – and Geopros is privileged to recruit geotechnical and related professionals necessary for such important work.