Recruiting Experts for Industry
Locating, Screening, and presenting all levels
of qualified industrial and geotechnical personnel



As a corporate sibling of Geotemps, Inc., Geopros understands and promotes safe, responsible Geoscience and industrial-related endevors – for the preservation
and betterment of all involved. And as a dedicated supporter of the Mining, Energy, and
Geoscientific communities, Geopros, Inc. demonstrates its dedication to those industries
through professional recruitment in favor of sustainability, and through cultural participation and support at a various levels.



Geopros, Inc. is an extension of the service founded by a 30 year Mining industry executive and veteran, adept in industrial safety, human resources, and administration. Furthermore, Geopros’ corporate culture is born out of three generations of mining and related industry-specific careers. In contrast to generic recruiting companies and those pouncing on ‘easy’ business with typical ‘head- hunting’ efforts, Geopros is philosophically dedicated and culturally invested in the concept and practice of finding strong applicants rewarding careers.




“You know, your Dad got me my first job…”


In addition to Geopros expertise working in tandem with Geotemps, Geopros recognizes the legacy it represents, exampled by multiple generations of Geotemps geo-technical recruits from one family: father, son, and finally grandson. Just one of many stories within the ‘Geo’ family of services over the last 30 years – a generational legacy – launching enduring professional relationships in support of necessary industrial sustainability. Further, Geopros and Geotemps support a safer industrial culture with the promotion and sponsorship of industry association and college safety award programs – demonstrating a deeper appreciation for the varied industrial community that they serve and support.