Recruiting Experts for Industry
Locating, Screening, and presenting all levels
of qualified industrial and geotechnical personnel



As a recruiter for Mining and Geotechnical industries, Geopros knows the difference between one hard hat and another, even if that shell rests on the solid and capable head of a Road Construction Manager or a Civil Engineer. And Geopros recognizes the need for dependable personnel in the form of Surveyors and Equipment Operators to excavate, build, or re-build.



In the lab, Pavement or Asphalt Specialists may engage in density testing for material endurance, safety, and stability. The list goes on, as Operators, Technicians, and Geotechnical Personnel similar to other geo-related industries are required in the business of construction for private and public state or municipal contractors pushing around rocks large and small – and getting necessary infrastructure built – from roads to petroleum pipelines, and much more.


If a building is built, it is typically designed by an architect, but if a processing or industrial plant is necessary, it might be designed by a Process Engineer or an Industrial Engineer. Chemical Engineers also generate industrial plant designs, when they are not professionally engaged in support of a mining operation, for example.


Geopros specializes in the business of direct placement recruitment for Geotechnical and related personnel, including those that might venture beyond the mine site into other not entirely unrelated fields and careers – helping pave the way towards a positive and productive future.