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Geopros builds upon the strong and successful three decades of service to the mining and geotechnical communities that Geotemps, Inc. has established. As active members of multiple professional communities, both Geotemps and Geopros support career investment as a means of industry sustainability and progress. In response, professionals have provided their statements of ‘support for the service that supports’ them. Here are but a few:


“I have been impressed for a long time with how Geotemps supports the mining industry. It is a model for how all service companies in mining should act… My first experience was sitting at a conference lunch with Lyle. He was one of the most pleasant and knowledgeable guys I have ever met in the industry. His support of the industry was a model for me that I try to continue to this day.”
Neil Eurick
Manager, Business Development
Gustavson Associates

“…Lance has been a friend in the mining industry for many years. He is very thoughtful, generous and caring as well as enjoyable company. I have always seen (him) as a man of integrity that cares to do the right thing without concern for personal gain. My sense is that this carries over to his business, Geotemps.”
John Mudge
Vice President Environmental and Social Responsibility
Newmont Mining Corporation

“I received a Master’s Degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the Mackey School of Mines… I went to the Geotemps office and temporary employment… This led to another job with a small engineering firm and contacts in the mining business. This experience led to employment with a major mining company and the beginning of a rewarding and productive career. All of this was possible due to the philosophy of Geotemps: provide an opportunity for employment. As a consultant I recently was out of work and Geotemps was able to place me with a small company. This once again led to other opportunities that were rewarding and beneficial to my career.”
Stefan Beck
Process Manager
Coronet Metals

“Over the past twenty years, I have always been impressed with the professional attitude of the managers and staff of Geotemps. If an issue develops, they resolve it issue quickly and professionally. You can always tell the type of an organization is when they have a difficult problem to address. Geotemps has always strived to handle any request in the best manner possible… My time is valuable and the staff at Geotemps has never wasted any of my time, ever. They were courteous, straightforward and welcomed me to their organization.”
Eric Ruud
Client Services Manager

“Nevada mining depends on highly skilled professionals to find, mine, and process the minerals on which our society depends. I recommend Geotemps for helping fulfill this essential workforce development mission.”
Tim Crowley
Nevada Mining Association

“My first impression and experience with Geotemps was very pleasant as well as professional as I met candidates that were assigned here after I first started here myself, including one of which who is now one of my two senior supervisors… Geotemps, Inc. as an organization has impressed me by providing qualified candidates for as needed assignments in a timely manner.”
John Powers
Laboratory Manager
McClelland Laboratories, Inc.

“Early in my career as an exploration geologist, Geotemps always had a list of clients that needed my type of expertise (even during the downturns in the industry.) Now as a client, Geotemps has always been able to quickly supply qualified personnel for our projects. Geotemps has always made hiring qualified workers easy and simple by navigating all of the regulations and insurance requirements for the client… Geotemps has always conducted business in a very professional, caring and responsive manner.”
John Schaff
Senior Consulting Geologist

“… Geotemps has filled a valuable niche that helps both companies and qualified workers who do not have the fortune of permanent employment. The services they provide are invaluable to smaller companies who have minimal head office human resource staff… The group employs conscientious, hard-working and talented people who take great pains to match people to the job requirements. It also plays a leading role in promoting the industry through trade groups and supporting the education of new mining professionals.”
Anthony P. Taylor, P.H.D., C.P.G.,
Selex Resources, LTD

“I have known Lois Brooks (Geopros) as a professional colleague and friend for more than 25 years… I trust her perspective on a broad range of matters, including both general business management as well as professional development… Ultimately I believe one of Lois’ key (and rare) strengths is her uncompromising passion for mining and all things related to it. I hold Lois in highest regard and wholeheartedly recommend her for a role on any senior management team.”
Mark A. Petersen
Vice President, Exploration
New Gold Inc.

“Angel (Markins) is dedicated to building relationships through excellent customer service while focusing on our recruitment needs. It has been refreshing to work with (Geopros) on our hard to fill positions. I don’t hesitate to recommend her services.”
Belinda Joiner
Senior Recruiter, North America
Kinross Gold USA, Inc.

“Sarah (Lightner) has a knack for hand selecting the right candidate for the specific task or position required… Her professionalism and dedication to finding the right candidate for the task has been a huge success for us. She is very thorough and easy to work with and I look forward to continuing to work with her as the mining/minerals industry picks back up.”
John Powers
Laboratory Manager
McClelland Labs, Inc.

“During the past five years that I have been working with Jill Nelson (now with Geopros), she has successfully delivered on six high level recruiting searches for my company, New Gold Inc. The positions involved have spanned the range from an open pit mine manager, a corporate metallurgist, a senior mineral resource estimator, a mine site geologist, a senior exploration geologist and an executive assistant. All of these individuals have proven to be great hires and significant contributors to our evolving business and company culture… I believe Jill’s excellent instinct for talent as well as cultural fit is what drives her to consistently deliver for her clients.”
Mark A. Petersen
Vice President, Exploration
New Gold Inc.