Recruiting Experts for Industry
Locating, Screening, and presenting all levels
of qualified industrial and geotechnical personnel



Geopros service is specialized, but the Geopros service model isn’t complicated. Clients seek recruitment and human resources support, and we staff the broad range of the Geosciences: from mine, milling and exploration projects to gas, oil and green energies as well as the vertical suppliers and contractors associated with operators and producers. We can staff drill rigs and heavy equipment shops, engineering and environmental firms – as well as laboratories and warehousing concerns, and start-up or ongoing construction or maintenance activities.


And while the service sounds simple, anyone who has run a business or worked within one knows that finding and recruiting human resources is never simple. Like any other complex, highly regulated industry, contacting an external expert may be your best bet when convenient assumptions, ‘helpful’ anecdotes, good intentions, and ‘it probably won’t happen to me’ avoidance strategies rarely if ever produce a viable path through state and federal regulations and requirements – particularly in industry.


Completion of standard Geopros service agreement and credit application enables Geopros to provide service by clarifying how it will be provided, and how payment for requested services will be made. A thorough description of the necessary qualifications, logistical details, and job duty details are typically confirmed by telephone, followed by the submittal of sanitized candidate resumes for client consideration and review. If an applicant resume requires discussion, Geopros professional recruiting staff is available for questions, clarification, and support. Once an interview is eventually scheduled, Geopros assists with the scheduling and location – and in some cases, a Geotemps or Geopros office may be available for off-site client/applicant interviewing.


Once a position is accepted and a placement is made, clients have discovered the value and opportunity of receiving prescreened and qualified applicants, streamlining:


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Sourcing of Candidates and Selection of Applicants
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Appropriate Classification of Employees through Accurate, Established Job Descriptions
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In-house Human Resources Time Management and Requirements Opportunity Through Potential Increased Applicant Pool

Resulting in Geopros, Inc. services being applied in a variety of critical ways:


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Client Company Start-up or Development
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Project Team Building
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Ongoing Project Development
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Human Resources Outsourcing
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Business Restructuring
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External H.R. Support ‘On-Demand’


Geopros stands out – through its’ appreciation and support of client industries – and with the
professionalism and pride required to assist the launching and sustainment of careers.


Client satisfaction and flexibility is a specific concern. Matching applicant experience and work ethic to client requirements is a dedicated goal, and ‘the right fit’ may be as close as the next phone call.