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Geopros strongly believes in the basic necessity of industry, and in the essential cultural and professional support of such an industry. Consequently, Geopros joins with Geotemps and other industry leaders in raising the bar for sponsorships of specific organizations and institutions. Qualifying its’ role as a necessary component of regional and broad-base industry. Geopros supports and promotes various professional technical associations, such as NWMA, SME, NvMA, GEA, as well as colleges and schools of mining and engineering, regional industrial associations, institutions, and organizations.





For nearly 30 years, Geopros’ corporate partner Geotemps, Inc. has launched careers while building a reputation of integrity balanced with sincere appreciation for the many institutions that fuel the supportive educational and cultural engines. As an example, Geotemps’ corporate founder served as a committee chair and president of the Northwest Mining Association (Newly known as the American Exploration and Mining Association ), and as a member of the Executive Advisory Board of the Mackay School of Earth Science and Engineering, among other positions and affiliations.


Geopros’ founder and president (and Geotemps, Inc. current President and C.E.O.) is also a former and current board member and committee chair of several industry- specific institutions and organizations, and Geopros, Inc. enthusiastically supports those industrial sectors it serves with volunteerism, sponsorship investment, and targeted donations – helping to generate a positive synergistic effect for related industrial professionals while promoting a more sustainable future. Geopros, and its’ associated corporate partners participate and support as members of the community – geotechnical students, technical societies, and industrial professionals benefit both directly or indirectly from both the efforts and services of Geopros, Inc.