Recruiting Experts for Industry
Locating, Screening, and presenting all levels
of qualified industrial and geotechnical personnel



Geopros, Inc. is the recruiter you call when professional direct placement recruitment services are needed for Hard Rock Mining, Coal, Oil & Gas, Geothermal, Engineering, Construction, and more. As an out-source compliment to your HR department, or as a professional service for an industrial start-up, Geopros supports your efforts to locate and employ the specific fit for your professional needs, enhancing project or team productivity – with the desired personnel.



Productivity demands a ready resource for introductory, and experienced professionals. Geopros, Inc. digs deep to deliver vital personnel. And at a time when affordable growth and sustainability are key, Geopros provides the recruitment component for corporate success – from administrative assistants to geo-scientists to upper management experts critical to the start-up or the long haul. Geopros provides the dedicated recruitment service capable of drilling down and locating the most appropriate candidate.




The Geopros services include:


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Best-fit screening for project, position and client
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Creating strategic partnerships to align industry talent and in-house recruitment efforts
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Allowing clients to focus on their projects, while insulatingthem from the complexity of recruiting
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Supporting and maintaining high industry standards while providing focused recruitment
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